The Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl is extremely proud to have the makeup talents of Em Reid offering her services at our Zombification Station.

No costume or makeup? No problem! Em can help you blend in amongst the undead!

Appointments are not required, but are offered. Make your appointment by emailing Em.

Night of the Living Dead – $3.00

The classic zombie look made famous by the George Romero film of the same name. Includes your basic newly-dead skin color, sunken cheeks and blackened eyes.

Wound Applications – $3.00

How exactly did you turn? Were you bitten? Scratched? Mauled? We’re here to help you make that decision.

The Walking Dead – $5.00

Congratulations! You escaped Rick and the gang and became a walker. This package includes all your “I-was-a-human-walking-around-the-deep-backwoods-of-the-south-who-turned”, wound application of your choice and your basic walker makeup. We’ll even bloody your clothes for you!

The Zombieland – $7.00

Survival Rule #2: The Double Tap. With this package you will get everything in The Walking Dead package, plus 1 additional wound and a Twinkie (while supplies last)