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1. Who organizes all of these awesome events?
Central Valley Horror Club, along with the help of our generous friends, family and supporters.

2. How can I, or my business, event or organization, become a sponsor?
Please contact us for information/application on becoming a sponsor of a Central Valley Horror Club event. OR…you can donate easily by visiting our GoFundMe site.

3. May I photograph or film a Central Valley Horror Club event?
Yes, you may take pictures and film our events. All we ask is that you let us know ahead of time, and share the pictures with us!

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1. What am I supposed to wear to the Visalia Zombie Ball?
Come dressed to eat flesh, in your undead best! For tips on how to look, dress and act like a zombie go here.

2. Is there an age limit for the Visalia Zombie Ball?
The Visalia Zombie Ball is welcome to all-ages. Children are welcome. Please remember that if you intend on drinking alcoholic beverages at the event, you MUST have a valid I.D.

3. How much is it to get into the Visalia Zombie Ball?
The Visalia Zombie Ball will cost you a whopping $5.

4. Can my band get added to the lineup?
The past Central Valley Horror Club events have featured acts that performed dark-wave, punk, rock, psychobilly, and metal (we like to have a little of something for everyone!) If you think your band would fit the bill, just contact us with a brief bio and links to your music, and we’ll check it out.

7. Will someone do my makeup for me, or be able to help me?
Depends – are you willing to pay as well as wait in line? If so, then yes, there is. Please check out our Makeup Tips, to learn how to do it on your own!

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If you have other questions that were not outlined or answered above, please feel free to contact us.